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My Fellow Lions,

Every year at our Humanitarian Lunch, we shine the spotlight on the Lions who have given so much to the community. On this day, it is important to remind ourselves of the underlying principle of Lionism ‘service’. Today is the birthday of our Founder Melvin Jones. We should also take a moment to pay special tribute to our founder as we continue to work tirelessly, embracing the ‘Power of We’ as we enter into the second century of service. For some people, Lionism is about giving, but for most of you, it is a way of living.

Despite the many obstacles facing the Clubs we continue to provide humanitarian assistance throughout the district. You are the reason for our everyday success. I want to encourage you to support LCIF, MD20, Brandel-Murphy and our own District 20- K1 Foundation in the humanitarian efforts. It has been a lot of work, but you have done a wonderful job keeping the inflow of your contributions for 50 years. LCIF has made a significant contribution to New York during our various disasters and we must continue to support them. Thanks for your outstanding contribution to our various disasters efforts this year and for the great effort in increasing our contribution to LCIF this year as a district.

This is an opportunity for those who are new to Lionism to get involved and to experience for themselves the rewards that come from making a positive difference to the lives of others. These Lions who are honored today make a difference to a variety of worthy causes in their local community. Their work contributes to the resilience of our communities and makes our society a better place.

I am delighted to congratulate all the recipients of the various awards. Your contribution is immense and your compassion you show to people we serve is an inspiration for us all. Your work has not gone unnoticed. Your leadership skills inspire confidence in our Clubs and we are so happy that you have shared your talents with us.

You are amazing Lions! You have so much enthusiasm and genuine commitment in assisting us in everything we do. Thank you for everything you do to serve your community with “Honor and Dedication’.

Lion Charles W. McBride, PMJF
District Governor

Learn more about Lion Charly

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.42.19 PMLion Charles McBride has a Passion to Serve with a long and distinguished career in Lionism. Lion Charly, as he is affectionately known, joined the Little Neck-Douglaston Lions Club where he has been a member for 23 years.

He has served as: Zone Chair, Region Chair, Co-Chair Health Awareness Committee, Board Member Camp Badger, Trustee District 20-K1 Foundation, Chair of Alert Team and he is a Certified Guiding Lion.

Lion Charly is a Progressive Melvin Jones fellow, recipient of the International Presidential Award, and LCIF Helping Hands Award in recognition for his contribution with Hurricane Sandy Relief Project. Lion Charly founded St. Anastasia Leo Club in Douglaston.

He received awards from the NY City Police Department, the Little Neck Douglaston Memorial Day Parade, (one of the largest parade in the country) and Queens Flag Day Committee.

The timeline below is an outline of Charly’s accomplishments in his professional, personal, and life in Lionism.

Email [email protected]

Address     11 Van Nostrand Ct.

City  Little Neck

State: NY   Zip-code: 11362

Home  (718) 428 6578                  

Cell Phone: 

Club Little Neck- Douglaston

District   MD20-K1

Length of Membership 23 years                                

Club:     Little Neck – Douglaston      


Personal Information

Spouse’s Name: Nancy J McBride

Number of Children 2 Boys Charles P. 35, James W. 30

Number of Grandchildren none

Occupations held  Moving Industry, Driver, packer, estimator ect. Car Wash installer. Work all over Europe & US Owner of Air Freight Company, Retired New York City Police Officer, Eagle Transportation. Driver and Security, Jamica Mason, Driver

Board Member of the following 501 3c Corporations

Coney Island Community Council NYC      Founding Member

Little Neck Douglaston LC                         Founding Member

Little Neck Douglaston Parade Association   Founding Member


Born 04/02/1954        St Albans, NY           

1955                            Move to Little Neck, NY

1960 – 68                     Attended St. Anastasia School

1968 – 70                    Attended Brooklyn Prep         Played Freshman and JV Football

1970 – 72                    Attended Bishop Reilly

1972 – 74                    Owner of JTC Air Freight Co.

1974 – 77                    Tractor Trailer Operator Over the Road

1977 – 1981                Hercules Car Wash installer. ( install car washes in Europe and USA)

1991 – present                       Member of the Little Neck Douglaston Lions Club

1981 – 2001                New York City Decorated Police Officer, Ret.

1985 – 1991                Fuel Oil Delivery specialists

1992 – 1999                Masonry and cement delivery


May 1, 1991    Joined Little Neck Douglaston Lions Club

1991 – 1994    Created and Chair the Club’s the School Raffle Drive to combat the NYC School Budget                 Cuts. The raffles raised over $15,000 for the schools. The club pick up all the cost of running the raffle.

1992 – 1995    District 20-K1 supported the Smart Hands Program. Due to budget cuts the program was to close down. Spearheaded the effort to save the program and was successful. Work with the Board of Ed Smart Hands program as Fund Raiser and Counselor. The counseling was with young students that were At Risk of failing. 98% of the student who went through the program went onto union jobs or into the civil service fields. I know that I help keep these students on the right path to a productive lives.

1993                Little Neck Douglaston Art and Festival. As Vice President help run the event . Although not a success, a profit of $3,000 was made.

1994 – 1996    Vice President of the Little Neck Douglaston Lions Club

1995 – 2009    Co-Chair Annual Christmas Party at W.O.R.C. (Working Order of Retarted Children)

1996 – 2007   C0-Chair the Clubs Peace Poster Contest

1996 – 2013    Reinstated the Club’s Scholarship Program working as Chairman. This program supplied

scholarships to two schools for a total of 12 Scholarships.

1996 – 2001    Created and Chaired the Club’s Dinner Dance

(This has become the club’s biggest fund raiser)

1996 – 1998    President of the Little Neck Douglaston Lions Club

1996 – present Club Board Member

1998 – 2011    Chair the Annual Dinner Dance Jounral

2001 – 2005    Co-Chair The Club’s Annual Dinner Dance

2002 – 2005    Club Membership Chair

2006 – present Participated in the Annual Udalls Cove Cleanup

2006 – present Night Out Against Crime Work with the 111 Pct. Community Affairs Officer and started out donating Hot Dogs and Drinks to bring people in. The last 5 years over 2000 Hot Dogs were given away. Because of this other vendors started to participating.

2006 – 2012    President of the Little Neck Douglaston Lions Club, step in as President to avoid the club folding up and was able to get it on solid ground. While as President the club sponsored 10 Guide Dogs and expanded our present in the Little Neck Douglaston Community. Our annual Dinner Dance is now a Community event.

2006 – 2010    Chaired the Club” Annual Dinner Dance. Reestablish it to a real Community Event.

2007 – 2013    Chair the Peace Poster Committee. Proud to say that this club has been able to bring home the many first place prizes.

2008                Established the St. Anastasia Leo’s Club, a School Base Leo’s Club. Work with the Leo’s in establishing a yearly calendar that is still followed today. Each Year the club has raised over $1400 for Charity

2010 – 2011    Chaired the Annual Christmas Party at W.O.R.C.

2010 – 2013    Participated in the Douglaston Art Fair assisting the St Anastasia Leos

2011 – 2013    Leo Club Advisor

2012               Received the Melvin Jones Award from the Little Neck – Douglaston Lions Club

Zone, Region and District Involvement:

2008 – 2009   Zone Chair

2009                Organized and Chair the North Queens Lions Club Golf outing to benefit the Lions Eye Bank, Ridgewood-Glendale-Middle Village, Ravenswood, Long Island City-Astoria, Little Neck-Douglaston Lions Clubs

2009 – 2010    Region Chair

2009 – 2011    Family and Friends Day committee

2010                MD20 Conventionin Buffalo

2010 – 2013     Chair the North Queens Lions Club Golf outing benefiting Autism, Ridgewood-Glendale-Middle Village, Long Island City-Astoria, Little Neck-Douglaston Lions Clubs

2011 – 2013    Co-Chair Health Awareness Committee

2011 – 2013    Leo Club Advisor

2012                Attended the USA/Canada Leadership Forum in Tampa, Fl.

2012                Attended the MD20 Leadership Institute in Binghamton

2012                MD20 Convention in Syracuse

2012 – 2013    District Alert Chairperson

2011 – 2013    Co-Chair Health Awareness Committee

2012 – 2013    Co-Chair NYS& Bermuda – Youth Band Committee

2012 – 2013    MD 20 Sandy Task Force Committee

2012 – 2013    Global Leadership Team

2013                Guiding Lions Program

2014                LCI Toronto Convention

2014                Attended the USA /Canada Leadership Forum in P.R.


1990                        New York City police Foundation               Award of Excellence for

Professionalism and Dedication

1990                        Boy Scouts of America Outstanding Service

1991                        Boy Scouts of America Outstanding Service to Pack 101

1991                        Boy Scouts of America Certificate of Appreciation

1992                        School of Cooperative Technical Education   Plaque and Letter

1997                        Man of the Year  Little Neck Douglaston Memorial Day Parade

1997                        Porter’s Pal   P.S. 94 Exemplary Public Service to the  Little Neck/ Douglaston Community and New York City

2001                        Man of the Year Little Neck Douglaston Lions Club

2009                        Certificate of Recognition 111th Community Council

2010                        Certificate of Appreciation Dist. Governor Alvin Brereton

2011                        Lifetime Achievement  Little Neck Douglaston Lions Club

2012                        Melvin Jones Award Presented by the members of Little Neck Douglaston Lions Club

2012                        Leadership Achievement Certificate MD20 Lions Leadership Institute

2012                        Certificate of Appreciation Dist. Governor Gloria V Askew

2013                        Certificate of Accomplishment District Lion Alert Chair

2013                        NYS Assembly Citation Edward C Braunstein

2013                        John J Farrell Sr. Award Queens Flag Day Committee

2013                        District 20 – K1 Governors Medal District Governor Clarence Higgins

2013                        City Council Citation John J Farrell Sr Memorial Award

2013                        LCI Presidential Award           2nd Highest award in Lions for work with Hurricane Sandy

2014                        Certificate of Achievement                            Certified Guiding Lion

Vision 2015

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Lion Charles McBride with LCI President Joe Preston and PCC Gloria Askew

Lion Charles McBride with LCI President Joe Preston and PCC Gloria Askew